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The problem with this software is that most of it is built by groups with strong links to the Religious Right in America, because they were the main people who were originally screaming for it. And as a result of that there is a preponderance of what is called Overblocking, where extra things get added to the block list. the most usual things to find are things like Womens health issues, heretical religious opinions, left leaning politics, Abortion, sex education Islamic education, paganism

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Many types of content-control software have been shown to block sites based on the religious and political leanings of the company owners. Examples include blocking several religious sites[23][24] (including the Web site of the Vatican), many political sites, and sites about gay/lesbians.[25] X-Stop was shown to block sites such as the Quaker web site, the National Journal of Sexual Orientation Law, the Heritage Foundation, and parts of The Ethical Spectacle.[26] CYBERsitter blocks out sites like National Organization for Women.[27] Nancy Willard, an academic researcher and attorney, reported on the close relationships between conservative Christian organizations and filtering software companies providing filters in U.S. public schools and libraries.[28] From her review of publicly available documentation, she concluded that seven of the filtering software companies were blocking Web sites based on religious or other inappropriate bias.[29] They may block sites about things like birth control, drug use and date rape.[30]

Block lists are truly a blunt instrument, and any person who suggests them as a solution to IT problems needs removing from office right now, as he obviously doesn't understand the issues

Any idiot can face a crisis - it's day to day living that wears you out.

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