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what's to stop any gvt privately insisting that any encryption co. wants to survive as a legal business has to provide a back door to lawnforcement? seems such an obvious way to harvest the eebuldoers, after trapping their naive asses conveniently into a few traps.

Nothing, which is why you should not put your faith in proprietary code delivered by a company. Even if you do not code yourself, or even read code, it is safer to use free software (or open source) where the source code is available for anyone to tinker with. This way the odds are high that if there is a backdoor some programmer will discover it and holler about it and/or create a similar program without the backdoor.

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And free software are often developed without having a company, so the only line to pressure is individuals.

Of course, there has been attempts to shoot down free software as such. IPRED2 included in early drafts to criminalise patent incursions, including jail terms. And since everything is covered by a patent, that means being able to throw free-coders in jail. But there are companies around free software, some government agencies prefer software without backdoors and so on, so this far free software is alive.

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