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I think that Internet is so big that new comers are a bit lost... or totally lost in it.

I know some user who are in face-book and tweeter that type on the google searcher to go to one place or another.

They haven't leaned that to type a www.adress.com, because google works.

But on the other hand, I can download almost anything I want from the web (programs, films, series, conferences, not too many books but coming...) just jumping to several places and a few searches.

The is a huge community of people working to spread the message: from uploading documentaries to servers and posting links, to subtitling films and series, or just cracking an pirating for pleasure.

You have big communities sharing and working together to offer lots of things, trough lots of different technical solutions: from the old e-mule networks, to torrents and links to direct servers, mirrored in lots of different ways.

I have a 12 Mbps cable connection, and I can download a film or a documentary in about 10 minutes, copy it to my USB stick and watch it on TV.

USAmerican series are normally translated in 24 hours, and you get them in the original format, with an STR made by someone in less than 16 hour into spanish, and spread out in internet.

Or you have places, where people have translated whole series of documentaries from BBC into spanish (Adam Curtis' The Century of Self, The Power of Nightmares and The Trap come to my mind).

The are tones of people working to give us access to very good things that are hidden in the ordinary places and avoided by the power that be.

So, i'm a very hard internet user and I love it!

On the other hand, I have an e-mail account in gmail, that I use to send big files and as a "cul de sac" for some things.

What I've realized is that I receive invitations to Facebook or hi5 or Tweeter from people I more or less know, but I'm not in the mood to contact them through face-book or in any way.

So, they use your info at their servers for things that you haven't given them any permission at all. But you can't probe it.

So I have a 4TB hard disk where I keep all things downloaded from the web and I use a program called Little Snitch to stop all programs in my computer from calling to the web.

And to finish, I have a first generation iPhone cracked and I pay 6€/month to have unlimited connection to the web from anywhere from my Internet/fixphone/mobile servicer: about 80€ per month taxes included, with free fixphone calls to Spain. It's money and I use the cell-phone a few hours per month. I use Skype Out to call overseas.

And the last, Apple is building a very big cloud, to offer all kind of services, from films to advertising to program downloading and computer back-uping and more, even they will set up and updating service of all of your computer services (theirs and third parties programs, print drivers, whatever,... Good for dummies, but I'll try to keep out.

They are trying to make the web the next TV, but control not only your habits, but your reading habits, your bank account and your paranoias...

Get out of it. Anyway, are enough people in the scotland yard to control the 50.000 cameras in London streets?

The message is go through other ways and try not to leave a trace behind you. Use different nicks everywhere, and enjoy the web until your IP number is closed.

I think that Adam Curtis would be proud of my service delivering his documentaries to my friends, and nephews, subtitled in spanish for free, than having them parked somewhere for not paying © royalties.

Let's keep neutral the web and teach people how to use it!

Thanks to it we know that the western wold is insolvent!


More freedom of knowledge?

Interesting post anyway!

by kukute on Sat Dec 18th, 2010 at 03:24:20 PM EST
Thanks for the very interesting feedback!
by danps (dan at pruningshears (dot) us) on Sat Dec 18th, 2010 at 08:25:36 PM EST
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