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The failure of the Green party in Ireland and other Green parties to deliver on their stated social justice and economic sustainability agenda has confirmed an intuition that I have long held; that neither of these are compatible with capitalism, or at least the very least the form of capitalism we currently suffer from.

And how can we ever have imagined it could be so?  How can a political and economic system dedicated to short term gain of the few ever deliver the long-term planning and social change necessary for a sustainable and just economy?  Consequently, the only Greens that can justifiably call themselves so are anti-capitalist Greens.  Of which there are many - but they are as scarce as hens teeth in Green coalition governments.

Tactically, it must mean that genuinely Green parties must drive hard bargains, be prepared to walk out of coalition when their policies get watered down, and be willing to spend more time in opposition.  And I mean by opposition not just parliamentary opposition.  Being a well-meaning nice person just doesn't cut it.

by Pope Epopt on Sat Dec 4th, 2010 at 08:13:04 AM EST
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