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Fionnan Sheahan: FF's damage limitation is now disaster management - Fionnan Sheahan, Columnists - Independent.ie
The party is banking on its established TDs with long track records of constituency work on the ground pulling in an extra personal vote.

But UCC Department of Government lecturer Dr Theresa Reidy said the bailout for Ireland undermined Fianna Fail's economic reputation and its sovereignty credentials in the eyes of the voters.

"Fianna Fail is looking at significant electoral losses because it has lost its economic governance support base, and the IMF-EU involvement eroded its core nationalist credentials," she said.

Fianna Fail is not just into damage limitation, now its disaster management. The worse the figures get the more endangered Mr Cowen becomes.

An increasing number of TDs figure their chances might be marginally better with him removed from the picture. Not by a whole lot. Fianna Fail's brand is currently poison

The Irish Independent has traditionally supported Fine Gael but even it questions who should lead the opposition at the top of the above story...

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