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Looking at one war that I happened to find a wikipedia list of battles on:

Second Northern War - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The Second Northern War (1655-1660, also First or Little Northern War) was fought between Sweden and its adversaries the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth (1655-1660), Russia (1656-1658), Brandenburg-Prussia (1657-1660), the Habsburg monarchy (1657-60) and Denmark-Norway (1657-1658 and 1658-1660). The Dutch Republic often intervened against Sweden.

Looking at the main month (the one the battle was in or the one that has more days if it spanned over more then one month):

Ujście - July
Danzig - 5 years siege (not really a battle)
Sobota - August
Żarnów - September
Cracow - October
Nowy Dwór - September
Wojnicz - September
Jasna Góra - December
Gołąb - February
Warka - April
Kłecko - May
1st Warsaw - June
2nd Warsaw - July
Dyneburg - July
Kokenhusen - August
Riga - September
Prostki - October
Filipów - October
Chojnice - January
March across the Belts - February
Kolding - December
Copenhagen - February
Sound - November
Nyborg - November

Or by month (siege of Danzig excluded):
January 1
February 3
March 0
April 1
May 1
June 1
July 3
August 2
September 4
October 3
November 2
December 2

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