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Oops. I hadn't realised this had been discussed on ET before - my time anyway.  The reason I write on topics I don't know much about is that it brings experts like you out of the woodwork who can tell us where things are truly at.  It appears, from your comment, that the Wiki articles I quoted are a bit one-sided and need to be updated, although I deliberately kept my presentation as simple as possible for a general audience to present a hypothesis and am happy to see it rebutted.

Everywhere you go - Malawi, Kwazulu Natal, Ireland - and from the comments, the USA - people are reporting unusual weather patterns - delayed rainy seasons, droughts, excessive rainy seasons, severe winters etc. all of which could be attributed to random variation, but which people and media, being people, are seeking to find rational explanations for, with Climate Change becoming the catch-all bucket explanation when it may have no relevance or at least no provable relevance.

It seems to this non-scientific observer that there is still too great a gulf between global climate models and local weather patterns to enable meaningful connections (explanations/predictions) to be made, although that won't stop people from trying.  People don't like random - hence there has to be a God/cause.

P.S. In your earlier diary you refer to surface currents being wind driven and deep water currents being driven by thermohaline forces. However if both are part of the same interconnected system must there not also be a (reverse) thermohaline component to surface currents to keep overall salt levels within the system in balance? I.e. effectively there is (water borne) salt circulation system at all levels of the system?

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