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Frank Schnittger:
In your earlier diary you refer to surface currents being wind driven and deep water currents being driven by thermohaline forces. However if both are part of the same interconnected system must there not also be a (reverse) thermohaline component to surface currents to keep overall salt levels within the system in balance? I.e. effectively there is (water borne) salt circulation system at all levels of the system?
The answer is in the caption to the picture you lifted from Wikipedia for the diary body.

Wikipedia: Thermohaline Circulation

Blue paths represent deep-water currents, while red paths represent surface currents
You can see there are at least five points on the globe where the "grat ocean conveyor" current turns from surface to deep water or vice-versa.

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My query was whether haline forcing (due to increased water density caused by evaporation) was one of the engines driving surface currents as well as deepwater ones..

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