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That link took me to estimated expenses and not charges.

In other words, that's no UCLA that is charging the amount beyond University fees. That is simply a notice of what they imagine will be required to feed and clothe a student living with parents. The parents nor the child pay that money to UCLA for the privilege of living and eating at home.

As for work, I don't think 15 hours of work outside university is unreasonable. I did it. And in the summers, I earned up to $5,000.

We are in partial agreement. I do agree that one might take on onerous debt and really put their future in hock, as is evident in Jeffersonian's post. I myself am in hock, but that was because I could not abide by the $12,000 salary I was asked to live on as a grad student (I could have lived on it, but I chose not to). My undergrad was paid for by the redistribution of funds from the rich to myself (i.e. I received grants in aid 90% from my university and the rest was work-study--I even pocketed my summer employment).

I still think $15-20k is not too much debt, and that in my experience, students who pay seem to appreciate their education more. With Pell Grants and Work Study, a student from the lower middle class starts off the year with $12,000. Tuition is $5,000 to $7,000. Summer work could bring in $4,000. A student loan brings in another $5,000. That means a student has resources of $21,000 a year without tapping into their parents at all. That money minus tuition must meet their housing, food and book needs.

I'm actually much more concerned with the massive recent cuts in higher education. I think now is the time when the system might be dismantled.

by Upstate NY on Fri Feb 12th, 2010 at 06:31:35 PM EST
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