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MillMan: Anyone that views gender relations as zero-sum needs to be ignored.

Yes, well, the French media does not seem to think so.  Au contraire.

Also, as I commented above in response to melo, her positions are not as willfully simplistic as they come across in this interview (perhaps a tactic to be provocative, draw attention and sell her book), and in fact, I think she is raising some legitimate and substantive points that merit fruitful discussion, e.g. the personal and financial investment that raising children involves in modern society, the division of labor between parents in households with children, the impact of children on spousal relationships.  These are perennial issues, but with changing cultural winds (that Badinter alludes to, and generally attacks) and economic circumstances, they take on a renewed relevance.

The march of civilizations is a series of defenses that man has put up against the dread of pure existence.

by marco on Wed Feb 17th, 2010 at 02:19:54 AM EST
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