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I don't think it refers to that.  It is much deeper, and more chronic.  It refers to a feeling that I suspect and believe is shared by many people in developing countries, especially those that were colonized or occupied in the last few hundred years.

I have a slightly different reading on this (but wouldn't I). Rather than being rooted in a simple analysis bof popular nationalist feelings, I think it reflects a hard nationalist reaction to the perceived attitude of fellow nationals. The same way as in this passage:

Some say that all weaknesses are shared by all of humanity; that there are no "national character flaws" particular to Chinese people; that these so-called "national character flaws" are colonialist fabrications...

The above describes an attitude of active rejection of national introspection.

That is, hard nationalists perceive fellow nationals as insufficiently nationalistic, with a weak-kneed attitude that supposedly prevents the nation from holding firm and rising up.

Great diary, BTW, only now did I get to it.

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