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fine, perceptive diary/review, it'll be great to read pt 2 when you actually get your paw on one.

European Tribune - The Magical iPad

There might be scope for a hybrid iPad 'keyboard' to be bundled with an iMac as a remote control/general useful thing.

there you go, that's very cool. great for home music studios, you can schlep it anywhere, and use it as a controller/monitor. like a transport controller, but with ability to see the wave forms as they record.

someone on tv said it somes with google earth installed, so i see it as a traveller's friend as well.

does it have flash drive option? or is it the old whirring kind?

i am more optimistic this may be a big winner for apple, about half way between iphone/pods and laptops, but it will not spread with the same speed as the former, but possibly/probably still much faster than macbooks.

the fun part is guessing... the potential con- and pro-sumer market if they get the UI grannie-friendly is huge, as is the possible educational market, given the (to me) surprising success of the ipod in this -potentially massive- field.

my first second gen ipod lasted a month, i never got another one, too vulnerable, but my iphone is tough.

i don't find macbook pro's that well built, the dvd drives are crap. does the ipad have a dvd drive readwrite?

perhaps this is a reconnoitre action, and if it rolls out ok, they'll add a shopping list of extras like video/camera, stereo mikes, phone, you name it. i hope it has a sound out jack to hook it up to good speakers, fr'example.

if it is as tough as iphones are (they'll sell jackets for them for sure), then it's going to steal some of their laptop market, but there's even a slim chance it outsells either or both, in the fullness of time.

good analysis of the social aspect. i like all your points, especially the window that pops open to tell you something then goes away.

i wonder if they'll be jailbroken, hacked, and if there'll be a slew of the first gen ones on the second hand market in a couple of years, when mk2 and 3 are out.

ironically i don't see a need for one in my life right now, though i do lust a little to feel one out.

maybe in a couple of years i can see trading in the iphone for nofrills nokia -and decent battery life-, and getting one of these babies to my bosom for the fun-app and edu-lightweight reader factors, or as mentioned above, a seriously cool wireless studio controller, if that worked well.

as it is the apps are cute on the iphone, but the battery life while using dem apps is south of pitiful, so it's a 10 for travelling platform goal and access, while a 4 for execution.

having to stay hooked up to AC/DC in order to play with it kinda deflates the portability angle.

o yeah, and since you got more -useless- back acreage than yer ipods, put a freakin' PV cell or 4 on it, even if it took two hours of charge in full sunlight to give you an hour of gaming/whatever.

between gaming, ed, lowtech UI, travel and freerange wifi node for intra or internet use, there are many directions/markets that it could run to, and swiftly at that, as the success of the whole line or (global) brand is incrementally snowballing.

synergy, baby!

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by melo (melometa4(at)gmail.com) on Tue Feb 2nd, 2010 at 03:55:17 PM EST
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