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Jim Wyse appreciates all the help he can get in drawing attention to the facts of this case.  As is often the case in industrial disputes, the facts and processes involved are complex and it is difficult to do justice to what has happened over the past 14 months in just 2000 words.  

This is a battle which to date has been fought by sound bites in the media and gossip in the street and it is time the true issues received more of an airing.  As time is of the essence, and as the interview took place on Saturday, I have published this diary over the week-end.

I hope to contact the Company for comment on Monday (attempts yesterday failed) but am likely to be pawned off to their PR advisory Company, Drury Communications.  Any help I can get in making the general public and senior management within the Company aware of what really happened would be much appreciated.  It is believed Northern Foods Chief Executive, Stefan Barden, is now directly involved in the corporate management of the case.

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