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Ariel74: Now on the face of it, these contradict the chinese sources

Please provide links to these Chinese sources of yours.  Otherwise, how are we supposed to check what you are talking about?  (It doesn't matter if those sources write in Chinese.)

The march of civilizations is a series of defenses that man has put up against the dread of pure existence.

by marco on Tue Feb 23rd, 2010 at 07:41:42 PM EST
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Try this link, for example:


(the first of six pages).

The discussion there is by no means really technical, but does mention a host of modifications and "innovations" by the chinese engineers to ensure 350km/h is a safe and feasible proposition. Some typical passages are:

"为了确保旅客舒适度,科研 0154;员结合空气动力学减阻设计 ;,为CRH3动车组设置了良好的密 ;封性能,通过对动车组车体 7668;密性试验,车体内部压力从 ;4000帕降低到1000帕的平均时间在75& #31186;以上,远远高于50秒的国际 6631;准。" (about the allegedly superior low level of air-leak for the train cabins, which improves comfort)

"武广CRH3动车组首次集成了我国 ;自主研发的适合中国国情的 9990;界上最先进的CTCS-3级列车控制& #31995;统,在京津CTCS-3D系统基础上ᦁ 2;地面增加了无线闭塞中心RBC, ;车载ATP集成了CTCS2模块,增加了 6080;线接收模块。可以对列车前 ;方32公里范围内的线路和车辆& #24773;况进行自动报告和预警,ě 85;足时速350公里以上,动车组ඡ 2;车间隔3分钟以内的列车运行& #25351;挥和控制要求,配合动车ń 52;5公里内安全停车的能力,& #21487;以确保运行安全万无一失z 90;" (about signaling and control system)

"北车唐山轨道客车有限责任 0844;司与国内科研机构合作进行 ;了空气动力学数值仿真计算 1644;风洞试验,结合的系统分析 ;和实验数据采集,优化了动 6710;组的空气动力学性能,对动 ;车组外形进一步的平滑设计 5292;增加外风挡,对受电弓导流 ;罩、空调导流罩、转向架裙 6495;和前端总成等车体空气动力 ;外形进行了优化设计,有效 0943;少动车组高速运行阻力,降 ;低了高速动车组对内以及对 2806;的噪音。通过武广客运专线 ;的实验证明,CRH3动车组实现了 ;在原有基础上降低空气阻力5&# 65285;的目标" (what they allegedly did to reduce drag by 5 percent, compared to the prototype).

"北车唐山轨道客车有限责任 0844;司在优化了CRH3动车组的牵引 1995;统的参数设计,提升性能动 ;车组牵引性能的同时,进一 7493;优化了动车组的轮轨关系, ;使动车组在高速运行时有充 6275;的安全余量。优化了动车组 ;的制动特性,通过调整了制 1160;系统参数,使重联后的动车 ;组制动能力得到了进一步的 5552;升。动车组传感系统会提前 ;获知行进前方36公里处的险情& #24182;紧急制动,并保证动车组Ŋ 21;够在制动后5公里内安全停& #36710;" (optimization of the power system and of the "wheel-rail" relation to enhance safety and ensure breaking distance of 5km)

"北车唐山轨道客车有限责任 0844;司通过自主创新,优化了动 ;车组的牵引系统的参数设计 0174;而提升了动车组牵引性能, ;使动车组8800kW的功率得到充分į 40;发挥,具有更好的启动加速& #21644;持续高速运行能力。
  通过仿真计算以及动应 147;测试的结果,进行了裙板、 设备仓地板等部件的强度优 270;,抗疲劳能力更优良,这种 优化已经达到诸如锁、螺栓 289;垫圈等细节部件,使动车组 在长距离持续高速运行中能 356;加安全可靠。" (improvement of acceleration, and various things they did to strengthen reliability and anti-fatigue properties of various components, leading to improved safety)

It is true that this article, like most articles in chinese, does not give proper credit to Siemens technology. But that does not make the sweeping dismissal (of the sustainability and/or safety of CRH3's operational speed of 350km/h) found in German/English blogs like the one we are responding to any better. Since the author claims that he "read" things that lead him to conclusions directly contradicting the passages from chinese sources I have just quoted (e.g. the part about reducing drag), it would be very interesting to have a look at these other sources, wouldn't you think?

by Ariel74 on Wed Feb 24th, 2010 at 05:36:32 AM EST
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I realized only after I made the above post that chinese characters are not properly shown on this page. Sorry about. Please refer to the links provided at the beginning of my post.
by Ariel74 on Wed Feb 24th, 2010 at 05:38:35 AM EST
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No worries.  afew figured out that line breaks are automatically inserted into large blocks of HTML text that contains no space characters, resulting in "breaks" in the HTML representing Chinese characters, which then show up as numbers in the page displayed.

The march of civilizations is a series of defenses that man has put up against the dread of pure existence.
by marco on Wed Feb 24th, 2010 at 07:36:21 AM EST
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When posting diaries or comments there is an "HTML formatted" option that should be used in this cases. And "preview" also...

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by Migeru (migeru at eurotrib dot com) on Wed Feb 24th, 2010 at 08:09:20 AM EST
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Thanks very much.  

Here is a rough edit of the Google translation of the first passage you cited:

为了确保旅客舒适度,科研 154;员结合空气动力学减阻设计 ,为CRH3动车组设置了良好的密 封性能,通过对动车组车体 668;密性试验,车体内部压力从 4000帕降低到1000帕的平均时间在75&# 31186;以上,远远高于50秒的国际 631;准。

In order to ensure passenger comfort, the researchers incorporated aerodynamic drag-reducing design and installed good sealability for the CRH3 motor train units.  They tested the air-tightness of the motor train body by reducing the internal pressure from 4000 Pa to 1000 Pa, for an average time of 75 seconds or more, much longer than the international norm of 50 seconds.

解密武广铁路客运专线CRH3动车 组 Decrypting the WuGuang Passenger Rail Line CRH3 Motor Train Unit (p. 4)

(Please correct it as you see fit, as neither my Chinese reading comprehension nor my engineering comprehension is up to the task.  I will try to translate the other passages as well in case others can grasp the original meaning through the rough translation.)

The march of civilizations is a series of defenses that man has put up against the dread of pure existence.

by marco on Wed Feb 24th, 2010 at 07:33:20 AM EST
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