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Here is a rough edit of the Google translation of the first passage you cited:

为了确保旅客舒适度,科研 154;员结合空气动力学减阻设计 ,为CRH3动车组设置了良好的密 封性能,通过对动车组车体 668;密性试验,车体内部压力从 4000帕降低到1000帕的平均时间在75&# 31186;以上,远远高于50秒的国际 631;准。

In order to ensure passenger comfort, the researchers incorporated aerodynamic drag-reducing design and installed good sealability for the CRH3 motor train units.  They tested the air-tightness of the motor train body by reducing the internal pressure from 4000 Pa to 1000 Pa, for an average time of 75 seconds or more, much longer than the international norm of 50 seconds.

解密武广铁路客运专线CRH3动车 组 Decrypting the WuGuang Passenger Rail Line CRH3 Motor Train Unit (p. 4)

(Please correct it as you see fit, as neither my Chinese reading comprehension nor my engineering comprehension is up to the task.  I will try to translate the other passages as well in case others can grasp the original meaning through the rough translation.)

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