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It's mostly okay, but for some reason, some characters (or maybe character combinations) get corrupted and show up with numbers and weird symbols.

For example, in the first line of the Chinese text in the diary, do you see the "340;" as follows:

奥巴马总统本周与达赖喇嘛 340;会面充满争议

Or do you see a boxed symbol followed by 159; following it approximately in the second line as follows:

中国表示,西藏 159;

Those numbers shouldn't be appearing.  (I am guessing they are Unicode numbers for certain characters, but I don't see why the glyphs themselves are not getting displayed and are throwing up the Unicode numbers instead.)

Partially to see what would happen on DailyKos, I put this up as a diary over there, and while it looked fine in Preview mode, the same problem appears once the diary is published.  Since it also still runs on Scoop (I think), I am betting this is an issue with Scoop or a configuration setting on Scoop.

(Since I can't recall seeing this problem on other websites, I am tentatively ruling out issues with my own computer's configuration.  But if no one else sees these number cropping up, then I'll double-check.)

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by marco on Sun Feb 21st, 2010 at 01:45:21 PM EST
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