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David Mills has beaten the rap through "time-out" on his bribery trial in Milan. The highest court issued the definitive sentence this evening that substantially accepted the prosecutor's argument: Mills is guilty of the crime of false testimony and acceptance of a bribe from Berlusconi but the statute of limitations has run out as of last November.

In short Mills will not have to do four-and-a-half years in jail but must pay a fine of € 250,000 to Italian Council Presidency for having damaged the image of Italy. The current Council President is Silvio Berlusconi, the person who corrupted Mills. One wonders what untold sum Berlusconi would owe Italians for the permanent damage he has brought on Italy by his mere presence in the role of Council President.

Berlusconi will now have to undergo a trial as the corruptor. He had passed a personal law that granted him temporary immunity from prosecution while in office. The law was recently struck down as anti-constitutional, forcing Berlusconi to write a new bill, called "legitimate impediment," to block the trial. However, his legislative engineering also suspended the statute of limitations which is now set in 2012. At this pace he need only churn out self-serving laws until the bribery case will be extinguished due to the death of the defendant.

 Mr. Mills who has since mastered the local art of victimism will assert that the dozens of judges that handled his case are politically motivated.

But he needn't worry. Just as in the Andreotti case there will be headlines tomorrow declaring that Mills was found innocent- fortunately not in the English press.

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