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however, to the degree offshore is being used in the UK to ignore onshore development, it is a false step.  When onshore is being strongly developed, with significant annual capacity installations, then the pressure is off higher-risk offshore, and the industry can grow at a more healthy pace until it reaches maturity.

Yes, but don't you get that windturbines are a horrible blight on the landscape.  At least for the twits who still wish that they could go fox hunting.

Point taken.  I imagine that you are right that the promise of what offshore might be able to do is being used to stop onshore from doing what we know it can.

Case in point, the Crown Estate is invested in the Clipper 10MW turbine.

140 meter rotors?  That's big. What's the hub height on something like that? I suppose that if you are invested in offshore, that you may as well pump up the size as much as possible.

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