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That wasn't a long wait: GWEC release.

  • They say China more than doubled installed capacity, adding 13 GW for a 25.1 GW total (undoubtedly they overtook Germany in January).
  • India continued at its leisure pace, but was fifth to join the 10GW+ club too.
  • Canada added almost 1GW. The remaining two of the 1GW+ club, Australia and Japan, progressed more slowly -- though Rudd-land's lag behind Canada is from the previous years.
  • Like Denmark, New Zealand (the major country with the best wind resource in the world) waked from politically-induced standstill and reached 0.5GW.
  • The African Mediterranean countries and Latin America continue to emerge, but none reached 1GW yet.

Altogether 17 countries in the 1GW+ club.

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