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Excellent summary Dodo and insightful comments by Jerome and Skenna Kowa.

I particularly appreciate your use of TWh of generation as the units most appropriate for describing the contribution of renewables.

I've found that for system-wide contributions, wind will deliver about 2,000 kWh/kW/yr of installed capacity. Thus, 10,000 MW will add 20 TWh/yr of generation.

Similarly, solar PV contributes about 1,000 kWh/kWDC/yr of installed DC capacity across Europe. Germany's total PV capacity of ~8,000 MW should deliver ~8 TWh/yr or ~1.5% of total supply.


Paul Gipe

by pgipe (pgipe(at)igc.org) on Thu Feb 4th, 2010 at 01:58:22 PM EST
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