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DoDo: If they send their own children abroad, then they believe you can't.

That's one possible explanation.  It would imply that those parents believed Vietnamese universities to provide superior education than Chinese universities.  That's also possible.

Another possibility is that those parents had some personal or professional connection to Vietnam and wanted their children to be exposed to that country.  Another possibility is that they wanted their children to have an international university experience in whatever country they could.  Another possibility is that the students themselves wanted to have an international university experience.  Another possibility is that those students did not get accepted into a Chinese university that they (or their parents) deemed prestigious enough, and felt that going to school overseas would be a better option than going to a less prestigious school.  (This last explanation was the case with a Beijing woman I know who is the daughter of a very powerful "apparatchik": she was not able to enter any of the three art schools she wanted to go to in China, so she went to study design in England.)

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by marco on Sat Feb 6th, 2010 at 08:21:26 AM EST
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