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Ad to this that we are not walking anywhere today ( kids too) and it's a disaster.I don't see how this will change. Organic food for masses? I don't see this.

i think the sheer amount and inter-reactional effects of the chemicals we are subjected to ingest have put much of the immune system into shock, with the results that instead of flowing with the fluidity of olive oil, the lymphatic system is so overloaded, lymph turns first to toothpaste, and eventually into putty.

this creates a lot of swelling and water retention in the body, i see so much of it in my (massage) work.

the general malaise inherent in so much of modern life leads folks to addictions, in an effort to find equilibrium through habit, and many find themselves eating way more than their bodies need to survive, jive ot thrive.

another aspect to this argument is the low nutritional quality of many popular (junk) foods. not only do they load up the system with many toxins that have to be neutralised/eliminated by the body, but they also leave us with an illusion of fullness, but still undernourished.

this is a vicious cycle, as the more ignorant eating that occurs, the more the temptation to fix the deficiencies shotgun style, just hoovering up anything that takes your (heavily conditioned) fancy, with the subconscious hope that satisfaction lies just a bite, or a meal, or a binge away.

as one's stomach fills, there is pressure on the vagus nerve, that makes us feel happy and content.

there is also a sense of animal relaxation/torpor after eating, that guides more bloodflow down to the digestive area, and away from the brain.

this digestive 'trance' becomes a kind of cherished oblivion for over-eaters, as their brains have not come up with better life solutions, and there is a strong compulsion to retreat into that semi-vegetative state, as reality seems hostile and incomprehensible.

eating moderate amounts of super-nourishing foods, drinking enough water (dehydration can lead to water retention), getting daily aerobic exercise, clean air and water, and a nurturing environment full of kindness will all be helpful to get these kids back on track, but fixing the problem with the sheer volume of junk food (and antibiotics for the slightest sniffle) in the culture is nigh impossible, and i have the utmost respect for those who succeed.

the corporations who bombard kids with ads for poison are as close to pure evil as we have on the planet right now, imo. this creates so much downline stress on national health systems as to make them almost unworkable. i've been waiting 30 years for people to wake up to this, and start managing their diets more pro-actively, but unfortunately the trend has been overwhelmingly towards more factory farming, chemical ag, shelf-life prioritisation, and ever more clever psychologically attuned advertising.


'The history of public debt is full of irony. It rarely follows our ideas of order and justice.' Thomas Piketty

by melo (melometa4(at)gmail.com) on Wed Mar 3rd, 2010 at 08:59:29 AM EST
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