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A swedish kind of death: We are tall now, but used to be short when food was scarce.

According to Barbra Demick, 18-year old escapees from North Korea average five inches (13 cm) shorter than 18-year old South Koreans.

A swedish kind of death: There was a class difference in height back then, but I think that was the case in most nations since poverty meant not always enough food during the three periods of growth spurt - in the womb, the first 2 years of living and puberty.

Demick also says that this adds insult to the injury of finding themselves at the bottom of society when North Korean refugees manage to make it to South Korea.  She says South Korea is a "heightist" society.  But which society isn't?

The march of civilizations is a series of defenses that man has put up against the dread of pure existence.

by marco on Wed Mar 3rd, 2010 at 09:27:35 AM EST
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