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Short version: The RIAA want to make ISPs responsible for the traffic on their network, and make website hosts responsible for third-party content on their sites. I probably don't need to elaborate on why this is an execrable idea. To that end, their wholly owned subsidiary, the US State Department, has been pushing for a "trade" treaty to implement their demands. The US demands that these negotiations be conducted in secret. The majority of the European Union is claims to be opposed to this secrecy clause.

The Danish government toes the RIAA line, rather than cooperate with its fellow Europeans. To put this into perspective, imagine what would have happened if, say, Montana had been discovered to be playing on Canada's team during the NAFTA negotiations...

Money quote (courtesy of GoogleTranslate):

Denmark blocks

The confidential meetings on Trade Treaty ACTA - the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement - has since 2008 been held outside of the ordinary parliamentary system of alternating capitals across the globe. Last meeting was in Mexico in January attended by representatives from 39 Western countries. A preferred line draft is scheduled to> be ready in the course of 2010.

Most European countries are seeking greater openness about the negotiations. But it does not Denmark. Michael Geist has obtained a leaked document from the Dutch a meeting of the EU, which shows that Denmark will keep negotiations secret.

'Hitherto it has been secretly which countries are opposed to publication. It is no longer. The documents show that the Dutch consider Denmark to be the least flexible country over the issue of greater transparency, "says Michael Geist.

It requires agreement, if the EU should set itself up against U.S. demands for greater openness. Danish People's Party are outraged at the government's position.

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