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Via the Economic Disaster Area blog I found the following article by a Spanish lawyer at the University of Iceland.

Elvira Méndez Pinedo: Without social justice there is no future for Europe: Open letter to the EU institutions from Iceland (10.1.2010)

There has been an oversimplification of the responsibilities and factors which led to the financial collapse plus the attribution of debts to Icelandic sole liability. Responsibility is to be found at all levels: European/national, private/public, UK/Iceland/Holland and it has to be determined very carefully. It is essential from a social justice point of view. What Icelanders are requesting is simply to examine the nationalisation of private debt in the light of social rights, democracy, justice and rule of law promised by the Treaty of Lisbon and the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights. Without social justice there is no future for the European integration and the internal market.



  • Is it fair that citizens pay the consequences of the European Union/EU/EEA Member States and private companies failures in the internal market?
  • Is it fair that the Icelandic State has to nationalise the debts risking bankrupcy and future sustainaibility in order to comply with European law and satisfy creditors under the strict surveillance of the IMF and being deprived of the legal rights under the European legal order?
  • Isn´it a basic principle of democracy: "no taxation without representation"? Should not tax-payers have a word in the economic governance of the internal market?

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