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It's a good thing you mentioned that your comment is cross-posted from BoomanTribune, because it doesn't really make much sense as a reply to my comment. Why would Putin possibly want to kill Kaczynski, much less do so by sabotaging a plane filled with members of the Polish government? Normal countries just don't do that sort of thing. And anyway, Kaczynski was on his way out.

BooMan has been frothing at the mouth since the 2008 Georgian hostilities, and Arthur Gilroy is a nut. (Two years ago, he thought Hilary Clinton is America's best hope.) I really can't understand why you still bother posting on that blog. It's even worse than Huffington Post in its adulation of Obama, despite the continuity between Obama and Bush 2 being at least as great as that between Blair and Thatcher.

A bomb, H bomb, Minuteman / The names get more attractive / The decisions are made by NATO / The press call it British opinion -- The Three Johns

by Alexander on Sun Apr 11th, 2010 at 03:17:42 AM EST
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