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A couple of posts at HuffingtonPost by someone in Poland:

It has been said on the Polish radio that no civilian pilot would have agreed to land and military pilots would only "attempt" to land under strict orders (remember, the commander in chief as well as the heads of all the military branches were on board - there has since been back-pedaling and possible blame shifting - as it is being reported that the pilot would have final judgment which stretches credibility). It totally fits with Kaczynski's bravado style to have ordered the pilot to land and that it would have been unacceptable to him to arrive in the less dignified manner of by bus after landing at another airport - especially in Russia - he was very much into pomp and political ceremony or late and thus miss the event - if they had gone to Minsk they would have been stuck on the tarmac for hours as they were not prepared for the security. It just fits Kaczynski's rash style that they decided to attempt anyway even with repeated aborted attempts.
It will be very interesting to see what happens politically as this has almost completely wiped out the extreme right-wing as it has become clear that is who comprised the bulk of the passenger list (with a few very notable exceptions) - it should be known that Kaczynski was in the habit of showing up at events such as EU summits unannounced to which Tusk had been invited as the official representative causing much confusion and embarrassment - the official Katyń memorial with Tusk (the Prime Minister who actually runs the administration of the country) and Putin along with Lech Wełęsa and the cultural elite such as Andrzej Wajda took place last Tuesday (Putin even acknowledging Katyń being a huge step forward in Russian-Polish relations). The plane was a Kaczynski/PIŚ (Kaczynski's right-wing political party) organized secondary 'patriotic/religious' event (to be honest, I think the first event was about Polish-Russian reconciliation where this event was about nationalism) and was thus a concentration of people from that party - talking with a Polish friend here (in Poland) last night who had lived in the US, she encapsulated it well: it is very equivalent to if when Bush was in office if he, his staff and the GOP leadership, and right-wing religious leaders had all been on the same flight and only Cheney was left - in the form of Kaczynski's more ambitious twin. Where it will go, who knows....

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by Alexander on Sun Apr 11th, 2010 at 04:34:34 PM EST
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