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It must be incredibly difficult for a European to understand where this is coming from, but all this blather about European socialism is just scare tactics from a party that has lost not only a sense of its self but has no ideas and no ideology whatsoever. They are the equivalent of a far right xenophobic nationalist party, and what's left in the USA is a party that occupies the center and does the tasks of private businesses.

It must be incredibly hard to understand how such arguments (if I can even call them that) are totally distorted when they go through the refracting lenses of incomprehensible idiots. This is the guy who wrote the book "Liberal Fascism."

Go back and read their bleatings about Iraq and you'll find the real humor coming from he and his cohorts. They used Iraq to bash everyone, from professors with misgivings about the war because they were commies and pacificists to politicians who were secretly in league with jihad. And now the party finally admits that no one believes Iraq was a good idea anymore.

I'll say one thing that can put Goldberg in perspective for Europeans: the health care bill that recently passed in the USA is a carbon copy of a plan put forth by arch-conservative think tank, The Heritage Foundation, and a bill propounded by John McCain early in hi campaign. It's a conservative health care reform package.

by Upstate NY on Sun Apr 11th, 2010 at 09:36:56 AM EST

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