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The strategy (if there is one) appears to be to downplay the reality of Peak oil (for fear of frightening the horses and leading to panic price increases now) whilst at the same time do some little belated groundwork towards preparing for that reality.  Obviously reducing private demand is key to that, but would be outside the remit of a military report.  

What is interesting is that they are beginning to accept it would impact even on military expenditure and capabilities which have been ring-fenced from all cutbacks until now.  Can you imagine the uproar if the next generation of battle tanks/fighter jets/battleships were selected based on their fuel consumption rather than increased capabilities?

War is incredibly degrading of the environment and fuel inefficient.  Can you imagine foreign policy (and military) options being evaluated based on their impact on fuel supplies and costs?  It's happening now in relation to evaluating options against Iran and Iranian control of the Hormuz.  The deterioration of relationships with Netanyahu may not just be due to continued settlement activity, but also a US refusal to play hard ball with Iran (from a Likud perspective) for precisely that reason.

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