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The US has nuclear carriers, cruisers and submarines, but no nuclear aircraft, destroyers or cargo ships, etc. Perhaps this is the reason that Obama recently was posed in front of a "Green Hornet", an F-18 that flies on bio-fuel. I wonder how many thousands of acres of farmland the Navy has under option. There is the Strategic Petroleum Reserve, but it cannot, in a crisis, both be used to keep domestic prices low and to provide oil for a long war, nor can it prevent the futures markets from going crazy. The USA used to have Naval Reserve oil fields. Teapot Dome was one, but there were many others. I had an uncle who worked at one in Hominy, Ok. when I was a child.

Perhaps the US can convince Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Yemen to build a pipeline that delivers oil from the Gulf coast to an Indian Ocean port. I recall discussion about a pipeline to the Red Sea. But, from a strict war-fighting perspective, the less oil the US imports, the less disruption a Mid East war would have on our economy. So bring on Burce's Brawny Recovery. It is a "National Security Issue".

"It is not necessary to have hope in order to persevere."

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