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Iran was a jewel of the empire that threw us off with impunity and had the audacity to invent a new kind of government.  Our job is to keep them down.

I honestly believe that what is really feared is a fully energy-independent Iran.  Iran isn't building nuclear reactors for just its own sake, after all.  The US is simply fighting one of the few levers of control they have.

I, for one, enjoy the spectacle.  The best approach against nuclear weapons, as the Ayatollah even agrees, is to stop the hypocrisy.  The Russia/US agreement is the kind of thing that will actually discourage nuclear weapons from spreading.  Nobody wants to waste a billion dollars building useless weapons, they do so because they fear they have to.  

by paving on Mon Apr 19th, 2010 at 04:00:58 PM EST
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