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I live mostly and Liverpool, UK. But spend quite some time in my original country (Portugal). I've had houses in other places in the UK and in NL.

The winter in Portugal is extremely uncomfortable in-house: all the houses that I know require extensive amount of heating and are still cold. Contrast this with my place in Liverpool: DOES NOT NEED WARMING IN WINTER AS LONG AS I KEEP CLOTHES ON.

Granted, this is one anecdotal example (and I can think of cold homes in the UK), but I think it honestly reflects the reality: Much energy, wealth (and comfort) escapes through the (uninsulated) windows and doors in PT.

Ah... and don't get me started with cars. I've read somewhere (lost reference, sorry) about something like having the biggest number of cars per capita in Europe for PT. Normally this goes with a justification of "public transport is bad". Who had endured the public transport in London versus Lisbon knows that, at least where most people live, this is utter bull. It is mainly a status symbol, and a symbol of not being prepared to do anything for the common good.

by t-------------- on Sat Apr 10th, 2010 at 11:08:48 AM EST
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