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I suspect a huge amount of savings could be made with smarter packaging - somethings the late rdf would frequently talk about.

Recycling plastic has begun for earnest a few months ago in my town. Last month we unsubscribed the two wheelie-bins we had (one for waste, one for green waste). We now use a small container for green waste, and asked if we could empty it once every week in the bin of a neighbour. On a good week we fill our kitchen trash bin, whereas it used to be two-and-half.

It's the plastic wrappings that makes the difference. Every week a full bag to the container.

Cans are probably next on the list to get recycled here. I think it was Sweden where I noticed can recycling. I'm still amazed this isn't practice around here.

Oh, and I just read that tar is pretty effectively recycled, at least in the Netherlands (nearly 90 percent).

by Nomad on Thu May 13th, 2010 at 06:07:04 PM EST
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Recycling of beverage cans - as well as beverage glass and plastic beverage bottles - has been a success story in Sweden for a long time. With a small return (about 5 eurocents for a can) aluminium cans are recycled at rate of about 90%, iirc.

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