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yesterday when i recommended diary i did not expect such quick and brutal Israeli attack which by all probability will go unpunished because of support of European Union, Canada and United States.

In the third world regrettably this incident is not the main news, governments are not friends of Israel (evident from UN Human Rights commision) but long ago discarded policies to antagonize the West over the plight of Palestinians.

In Russia more woefully Israeli propaganda is in full swing, media report this attack as "provocation" by protesters. Pro-Kremlin parties keep silence (without permission of Kremlin they won't do anything), opposition in Parliament consists of Communists and right wing Liberal Democrats headed by nationalist Zhirinovsky who feels in Israel at home.
So-called Russian Liberals (which in my mind closer to neo-cons) like Yulia Latynina from Echo of Moscow radio will decry protesters, calling them "bloody terrorists" on her next Saturday show. There is no support for Palestinian cause in Russia, only tactical moves from the government's officials in order to gain some lucrative contracts in the Midlle East glossing them over by expressions of "regret" over the piratic attack on peaceful flotilla.

by FarEasterner on Mon May 31st, 2010 at 12:50:04 PM EST


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