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And an excellent dissection of the pros and cons via Roger's points.

What this dissection does not address is a point I have raised before: the old McLuhanistic one of hot and cold media.

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by Sven Triloqvist on Tue May 4th, 2010 at 10:18:40 AM EST

I'll have to look back and see what you have said about hot and cold media.

As I have said before, I am a sucker for the suspension of disbelief, and very forgiving of flaws that ordinarily knock people out. I like to think it is because I become involved, sharing the hot. Some might say that I misunderstand the concept and am just sucking it in cold. Regardless, I am the wrong one to judge implications.

But I quickly have to point out that the medium will accommodate any style of media, and there are markets for all of them in any decent sized community. There will come a time when kids can play team based inter-city internet games in between course-work driven movies. Or survey-based alternate endings can be easily seen in one sitting. Dueling ballet?

I could sit in an auditorium that was playing bits of low-amplitude cool, and do my laptop-centric work - as long as the cinema let me in for the price of the internet and coffee. I first thought of this as a way to get kids in the theater during those holidays when parents have to work but the kids are off. I mentioned it to one theater owner 5 years ago and priced in printers too. But people rarely have to print anything anymore. They'll have to jack the price of coffee.

Never underestimate their intelligence, always underestimate their knowledge.

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by siegestate (siegestate or beyondwarispeace.com) on Tue May 4th, 2010 at 02:03:40 PM EST
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