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In terms of the "expectations game" the clear winner tonight is actually Labour.  Tories needed a majority and LibDems needed to beat Labour.  All Labour needed to do was not get completely blown out of the frame.

They succeeded in that and now have the kingmaker role.  The UK has a situation where the current government has been partially defeated yet no other suitable victor has been established.  This means that the defeated party in power will draw up the terms of the armistice.  

Portions of the Labour platform won tonight.  I believe PR has also won.  What have the Tories won, exactly?  Their racist wing didn't get them over the top and everybody else is loathe to work with them.  Plus, the popular vote totals do not reflect a great desire for a Tory government.

by paving on Fri May 7th, 2010 at 02:19:17 AM EST
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