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So, to repeat from last night in more detail:

  1. Red-Green (SPD+Greens): one short of majority, would be possible as minority government with Left Party outside support, but a leader of the latter was negative on it
  2. Black-Green (CDU+Greens): one short of majority
  3. Grand Coalition (CDU+SPD): would have comfortable majority
  4. Red-Red-Green (SPD+Left Party+Greens): would have majority, but SPD against
  5. Traffic Lights (SPD+FDP+Greens): would have majority, but NRW FDP strongly against the other two and vice versa
  6. Jamaica (CDU+FDP+Greens): would have majority, but NRW FDP and Greens incompatible

If I am a pessimist (from my political point of view), this is heading for a Grand Coalition. If I am an optimist, maybe the Greens can get the SPD swallow some level of cooperation with the Left Party.

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by DoDo on Mon May 10th, 2010 at 02:26:58 AM EST
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