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What is it with obsession about numbers of goals.

Number of goals is like size of penis.

Bigger/more does not mean better.

A game 10:0 can be extremely boring and a game 0:0 very exciting.

The final score is only relevant to who wins the game, and does not say anything about either teams or the games quality.

Individual goals are what is talked about. The fifth goal in the 4:2 England win over Germany in 1966 is far more relevant than any of the other goals in that game, but it was a great game because of how the two teams play and the game developed. Had it been 4:0 and then Germany scored 2 goals, England's third goal would have been long forgotten. But because of how the game progressed it became seminal and is discussed to the day. It broke Germany and they did not come back. And then they thought it was all over...

So if there were to be rule changes, they should think about increasing tension and excitement in the game, not how to get more goals. Goals are a byproduct of a great game.

Afterall football is also described as "The Beautiful Game". It is not all about scoring. It is the passing, the movement, the vision, the ability, the suffering and luck. (And Russian linesmen)

by PeWi on Sun Jun 20th, 2010 at 12:59:43 PM EST

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