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Here's some open-mindedness/another opinion for you fairleft:  A good post opens up discussion . . . and your post definitely did that, just look at the number of comments! Not only that, because ET has such a knowledgeable base, I learned a lot about soccer that I otherwise would not have known.

I agree that for someone who is only mildly interested in soccer, so far the games have been rather dull. But I'm not sure the reason is solely due to the low number of goals. For me (an interested, but casual observer) it has appeared that the teams so far have been quite well-matched, but that a majority of the individual players were not controlling the ball, were not focused, and were not playing very well as a team. As Helen points out, this should improve as the better teams move ahead. Compared to baseball, a soccer match, any soccer match, seems fast-paced.

What is thrilling is that soccer/football is picking up speed as a spectator sport in America. It seems as though it has been a very long time coming. What I mean by that is, although soccer has been played in schools and kids' soccer leagues have been around since the 70's, the sport seemed to have difficulty getting started as a spectator sport until relatively recently (maybe the late 90's?). Prior to that, it was okay for kids to like to play soccer, but the only acceptable American spectator sports were limited to watching men push and shove (football), watching men spit (baseball), or watching men run up and down a court, attempting to drop a ball into a bucket (basketball).

by sgr2 on Tue Jun 15th, 2010 at 12:35:03 PM EST
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