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According to evidence accumulated by the US House Committee investigating this disaster, BP kept overrulling the recommendations of contractor's engineers regarding the installation of "centering discs" to keep the pipe centered in the casing, so there are very few of them. I am not sure if you are discussing putting a sieve down the pipe or the casing. But the reason they abandoned "top kill" seems likely to be that they became concerned that the pipe would or has failed and that the casing could go next, releasing oil and gas into higher surrounding formations and, eventually, the water above. To mitigate that danger they increased the flow from the BOP stack by cutting off the pipe, which had fallen and was crimped in several places. But it seems possible no one is eager to discuss what is actually happening. Reasons could range from liability for BP and other industry partners to not wanting to appear "anti-oil company" to not wanting to stoke public anger or panic.

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