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Enough lollygagging: Nuke the Gulf oil spill!

The Soviet Union employed the nuclear option to stop runaway gas wells. So what could possibly go wrong?

By Andrew Leonard, How the World Works @ salon.com

... This is just speculation, but I'm also guessing that we don't have a whole lot of data about what happens to the geology of a deepwater oil reservoir when a nuclear bomb is detonated in the general vicinity. I'd hate to be the president who authorized a nuclear strike against an oil well and discover that the blast created numerous fractures in the seafloor that allowed even more oil and gas to escape. It seems to me that one might want to hold such a tactic in reserve as a last resort.

And then there are the worst-case scenarios -- such as the possibility that a nuclear explosion might ignite a chain reaction of methane hydrate eruptions that could result in the most horrific global catastrophe since the Permian extinction...


by Magnifico on Thu Jun 17th, 2010 at 03:18:43 PM EST
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