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What if we had journalists who did actual reporting like this...


What I can tell you is that at the moment this is nothing more than pure conjecture. The folk that know at TheOilDrum have dug out for evidence of these and Simmons's claims and there simply aren't any.

There is no evidence pointing to a casing rupture, neither I believe there is a way to know if that's the case. But even if there is a rupture, and oil is migrating into the rock formation (which btw has to be porous), for it to percolate from there to the ocean floor it would take ages...

Little is known and speculation is rife. For lean and clean information on this subject I suggest Dave Summers's blog, Bit Tooth Energy, though most of is being daily pasted at TheOilDrum.

Btw, this comment has been spreading like wildfire on the internets and is responsible for a surge in visits to TheOilDrum. It makes one wonder.


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