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OK, I'm heading for bed.  But first one more bit of BP gossip.  They have a rep in the trade.  It's not a good one.

In the last three years, the center says, an astonishing "97 percent of all flagrant violations found in the refining industry by government safety inspectors" came at BP facilities. These included 760 violations rated as "egregious" and "willful." In contrast, the oil company with the second-worst record had only eight such citations.


So, ummm.  Would we hire a guy with a string of child molestation convictions for a kindergarten teaching position?  No?  Wouldn't take that risk?  So why are corporate pseudo-persons with established records of sociopathy, dishonesty, etc. allowed to continue with highly hazardous operations involving hubristic WMD-scale technology?  Oh yeah, right, I know, they can buy their very own politicians.  But still.  "Zero tolerance,"  "three strikes,"  "lock 'em up and throw away the key," blah blah blah, when it comes to hardened criminals like shoplifters and dope smokers -- meanwhile the execs of BP are still walking free.

Why don't we just admit it...  we are sliding rapidly back into monarchy.  Tyrants walk among us who are above and beyond the laws that bind lesser mortals;  but our new kings and despots are not even human beings.  They are aggregate legal personas made up of interchangeable human "roles" -- a kind of hive organism, immortal, sociopathic, impervious to poisoned dinners, daggers in the Forum, or the guillotine.

Sorry, I am raving.  Brain (and heart) hurting.

The difference between theory and practise in practise ...

by DeAnander (de_at_daclarke_dot_org) on Thu Jun 17th, 2010 at 03:45:08 AM EST

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