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A few notes:

  1. The "Green" party in Portugal is mostly a spin/puppet of the Communist party. The Communist party (PCP) has an extreme Stalinist tradition and NEVER goes to election alone (always a "broad coalition of popular movements"). While the "Greens" think partially for themselves if they went to elections alone they would get 0 MPs (they have 2 now). All the votes are really of the PCP.

  2. That being said, standard environmental NGOs seem to be utterly demential. I suppose they are OK with wind and solar. But other than that is only conservation (dams and, of course, nuclear are evil). Of course this totally not realistic so the end practical result is that they support massive imports ("dirty" production is OK as long as it is far away - can you say NIMBY? - nuclear is OK if French/Spanish, or oil/gas from not very recommendable places). Interestingly never heard any strong word against bio-diesel (which, IMHO, is the worst of any option).

  3. My biggest friend was actually an environmental engineer in the South (Alentejo) and the network losses of water (between source and tap/irrigation) were above 40% !!!
by t-------------- on Sat Jun 19th, 2010 at 07:08:12 PM EST
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