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Meanwhile, across the pond:

FT.com / UK - Green lobby sees chance to end addiction to fossil fuels

Birds covered in oil make a great advertisement for renewable energy.

Wind turbine makers and solar panel companies were stepping up their lobbying of lawmakers in the US after Barack Obama, the president, made another pitch for "clean energy" in his Oval Office speech. They see the current crisis as a unique opportunity to push the benefits of "clean" energy over fossil fuels. Several US-listed solar power companies saw their share price rise as investors anticipated Mr Obama's speech last night.

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by DoDo on Wed Jun 16th, 2010 at 04:22:07 AM EST
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But any serious push on renewables will have to overcome opposition from "deficit hawks", some of whom are blind, others of whom are deliberately obtuse, who cannot see or refuse to see the difference between investment in a project that can pay for itself and more financial manipulation and gamesmanship. Clearly explaining the difference is subversive to the existing financial hegemony in US politics, so I will be (pleasantly) surprised if Obama does it.

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