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It would really depend on the structure of the replacement election.

Is the election only for president, or for Congress as well?  Who runs in the election?  One candidate per party, or a Cali-style free for all like the one Arnold won?

If it's one per party, then who is put forward as the major party nominee?  Do we have snap national primaries, or the several month long primary season we currently enjoy?  Or does the party nominate someone as its new leader?

All of these would make a big difference as to the types of candidates that might possibly run.  Should the parties choose their nominee for the snap election, then almost certainly it would be a lukewarm Centrist.  Should there be a long primary season, than the field is a bit more open.  Obama ran and won against the big money, after all, running a campaign big on empowering volunteers to be real local organizers.

I guess my main point would be that the shorter the election timeline, the more likely lukewarm establishment types would be the winners, as they could simply be annointed.

by Zwackus on Fri Jun 4th, 2010 at 02:02:38 AM EST
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