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Sorry Helen, but I must disagree.

The notion of a "community" on a blog is a seriously flawed idea. It would eventually lead to a conformance of minds, a restriction of opinion (let's not offend), and a rejection of recalcitrant thinking. A group-think psychology is the last thing one needs on a political blog where debate should be unfettered.

Besides, I would suggest that out of the 2,000 daily visitors to ET (last site meter reading I saw), only a handful of members would seem to want to use ET as their community. I suggest that if people are lonely that they get out and knock on their neighbor's door and invite them over.

I just saw one effect of the "community." Members of this so-called ET community got together and formed a diary police force, and their attitude was that they owned the place, and could make quality rules about what is or is not acceptable to them (here), while the remainder of the 2,000 had nothing to say.

So count me out of your community, those few of you who seem to need it.

by shergald on Mon Jun 7th, 2010 at 09:14:57 PM EST
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