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Is ET a beauty pageant of "repost material" ? I would say so, to judge by the criteria you're suggesting. And if that analogy is indeed apt, Shergald will always lose. Shergald will always lose because every I/P news file --this "repost material"-- is an ugly, ugly reminder of an intellectual history and moral depravity abiding in the politicians, the leadership, about whom we gossip daily and money fetishes. Every "diary" entry is a testament to our impotent regard for policy decisions in which we do not participate.

Do you know, are you certain, Shergald uses ET exclusively to publish I/P "repost material"? Or do you mean to say, Shergald publishes only I/P "repost material" at ET and that reliable, that vaguely ritualistic devotion to the topic, is offensive in itself ... because you could retrieve the same news from GOOG's mighty syndicated feeds, if you wanted to, if you were in the mood.

When was the last time you wanted to examine current I/P events? And where did you search... Perhaps you launched the GOOG, Yahoo!, yer CNN RSS. God forbid, you punched a keyword into one of two ET engines -- would that word have been Israel, Palestine, or Shergald?

Come closer, Millman, and I will tell you a secret. DrMarketTrustee would tell me bitterly, "We live in a superficial world." He said that because he knew I would deny it. I appreciate the work Shergald contributes to ET. I appreciated Shergald's labors at the GOS, too. For I know, the ugly life is no easy life to lead, Millman. It is simply necessary. It is a prerequisite of beauty some of us long for. I will not deny Shergald.

Diversity is the key to economic and political evolution.

by Cat on Tue Jun 8th, 2010 at 01:01:59 AM EST
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