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Jerome, a simple comment or email from administration would have been sufficient.

Granted, due to the recent Middle East drama, more diaries were posted as events unfolded, and there have been short stretches where one a day was posted but also periods in the past two months when a week went by without a posting. Of the last 20 diaries posted, three are mine, but I do notice that Fairleft also posted a lot during the flotilla crisis and its aftermath.

It is not my intent to overwhelm the site, and I did not believe I was doing that.

Can you give me a number/week which I can stick to? Or if you wish, I can actually schedule in a manner that does not exceed a percentage of IP diaries, say in the last 20 postings.

by shergald on Tue Jun 8th, 2010 at 09:16:51 AM EST
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