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Helen, I appreciate your views, but I disagree with them. There is a small group of members here who relate to each other in a manner of familiarity, who like to be considered a community. But the overwhelming majority of the 2,000 daily visitors and diarists, I might add, who come here do not necessarily share the feelings that they are part of a community. IMO, it is just a group of "old timers" who frequent ET daily, and get to know one another, that share this idea.

Since I joined ET two years ago, I watched the site visitor counter go from one thousand to two thousand. Of course that was entirely due to the start of my posting here, if you believe in spurious correlation. But it was certainly not due to some kind of "quality" notion, but rather the information visitors get from the site, and possibily Jerome's past association with DKos, where he attained some following. But one thing is for certain: the site meter didn't increase in spite of IP representation here, nor did it increase because of a lot of people came here to join a community, nor did it increase because of original writings as some like to think. Community is just the concept of a handful of members who spend a lot of time here.

Again this is my opinion.

by shergald on Tue Jun 8th, 2010 at 10:41:53 AM EST
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